What are we going to achieve?

Toolkit on fairer financing schemes with business angels

To simplify the intricate world of business angel investments, our comprehensive toolkit empowers entrepreneurs and financial actors. Packed with practical cases, guidelines, and essential insights, it demystifies the dynamics between entrepreneurs and business angels. From understanding location dynamics to mastering investment negotiation, our toolkit equips you for success.

Diving deeper, it covers resource distribution, legal procedures, agreement frameworks, and decision-making protocols. With the guide “How to assess and manage fair and balanced venture relationships”, and 37 practical cases that include “Codes of Conduct”, we ensure ethical practices.

On the other hand, the use of technical vocabulary by investors can often create knowledge gaps and imbalanced relationships between parties. To bridge this gap and foster a more equitable dynamic, the BAKE Toolkit includes the “Equalising Language” glossary, which deciphers venture investment jargon. It is a must-have for understanding complex agreements and management.

Our mission is to guide you with mutual respect, fairness, justice, and the essence of different contractual relationships, boosting your journey to success.

Development of an innovative curriculum on funding schemes for entrepeneurs

Creation of a common European Qualification Framework (EQF) for an Entrepreneurs Investment Officer (EIO).

This will integrate a scheme of skills, competences and knowledge to be acquired at the workplace for entrepreneurs and start-ups to acquire the needed knowledge and practice to manage their own financing schemes, thus, to go through successful investment and financing processes.

Thus, 6 training modules will be developed:

This result will help trainers, students, entrepreneurs and minorities to access training and guidance on finance routes that will lead their ideas to successful businesses.

The training modules are also available in the following languages:

Development of an open source learning management system (LMS) and integration of the training course content

The training course developed will be hosted in an innovative learning management system (LMS).

It will include the training course’s interactive modular curriculum and the Progress Evaluation Tests.

The objective of the LMS is to embed an open, flexible and interactive training experience technology; hence a highly interactive and flexible online platform where VET students and entrepreneurs will be trained in accordance with their status of skills, knowledge and competences.

This platform will renovate the teaching and learning processes, while fostering the development of trainers, young and adult learners’ digital and language skills.

VET learners, entrepreneurs, SME staff, start ups, business angels and policy makers will benefit from this platform, which can boost business growth thanks to an access to financial schemes.